NHLPA/CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Player Poll

This season marks the second-annual NHLPA/CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada Player Poll, which is conducted jointly between the NHLPA & CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. In total, 257 NHL players participated in the 2011-12 Player Poll, participation that represents over one-third of the NHLPA membership, and came from players on approximately two-thirds of the teams in the NHL.

The Player Poll is the only official poll of NHL players that is sanctioned by the players themselves, and was conducted by the NHLPA sending the polls directly to its members. The Players answered a total of 28 questions in five categories: Skills; Teams & Players Opinions; Coaches; Arenas; and On-Ice Topics. Within these categories, the Players were polled on several topics, including: which player they would chose to start a franchise with; who has the hardest shot; both best and fastest skater; underrated player; smartest player; both toughest and cleanest player; most difficult goalie to score on; best role model; both underrated and overrated teams; best referee; the coach they would most like to play for; most demanding coach; the assistant coach they think should be the next head coach; favourite rink; best and worst ice; fighting in hockey; the instigator rule; and the Canadian city that they feel is the most suited for an NHL franchise. While concussions are an important – and also topical – issue in the game today, the NHLPA declined to publicly survey its membership on concussions, choosing to keep discussion on the private medical matter internal.

The 2011-12 Player Poll will certainly generate some discussion as many in the hockey community are certain to compare the players’ interesting responses this time around to those from last season’s Player Poll.

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