2010/2011 Player Poll Results

Question > Who is the hardest to take the puck off of? (2010/11)

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Answer > Pavel Datsyuk Detroit Red Wings 36%

*2010/11 Result

Funny how the same names keep popping up. Pavel Datsyuk and Sidney Crosby... they are almost interchangeable. In this case Datsyuk is rated number one followed by Crosby. For the smartest player, it was the opposite, Crosby first and Datsyuk second.

Two great players who have an unbelievable amount of respect from their peers.

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Questions for the poll were written by Hockey Night in Canada and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA). The questions were circulated to players by the NHLPA. The responses were compiled by staff members of the NHLPA and forwarded to Hockey Night in Canada. 318 players responded to the questionnaire.

  • Runners Up
  • Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins24%
  • Joe Thornton San Jose Sharks8%
  • Rick Nash Columbus Blue Jackets (tie)3%
  • Henrik Zetterberg Detroit Red Wings (tie)3%

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