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Question > Who is the toughest defenceman to play against? (2010/11)

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Answer > Zdeno Chara Boston Bruins 34%

*2010/11 Result

It's interesting to look at penalty minutes for the top three. The numbers reflect the order, but these guys don't lead the league in that category.

Zdeno Chara of the Bruins leads the poll and he has 49 penalty minutes. That is seventy-fourth in the league.

Chris Pronger has been assigned to the penalty box for 32 minutes and then there is Nicklas Lidstrom who has only 12 penalty minutes.

Obviously when players think of toughness, they don't think of fights.

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Questions for the poll were written by Hockey Night in Canada and the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA). The questions were circulated to players by the NHLPA. The responses were compiled by staff members of the NHLPA and forwarded to Hockey Night in Canada. 318 players responded to the questionnaire.

  • Runners Up
  • Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings20.3%
  • Chris Pronger Philadelphia Flyers20%
  • Shea Weber Nashville Predators7%
  • Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks3%

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